Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 12th to 18th November

Chestnuts in North Tenerife

The Weather Forecast for 5th to 11th November
We’ve been in Britain over the past week so were unable to post the weather forecast last week which meant we weren’t able to comment on the dreary, wet and windy week that ruined many a half term holiday on the week ending 4 November.
Whilst things improved in the south last week, torrential rain in the north caused havoc even though it was welcomed by some locals who described it as cleansing the town and rejuvenating the plant life in time for the Northern European season. The bottom line is that although decent rain was essential, it’s not pleasant weather. It reminds us of the first November we spent in Tenerife nine years ago. Arriving back at Tenerife South Airport on Saturday we noticed how dark and cool it was, although both weather and temperatures improved as we headed north east. The one certain thing is that it won’t last and warm, sunny weather will return… soon.

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 12th to 18th November

This is turning out to be one of those dreary Tenerife Novembers that comes along every few years. Although the rain is much needed, it’s a drag for visitors. The coming week sees cloud and the possibility of rain across Tenerife, although there should still be plenty of sunny spells as well. The rainy weather front brings temperatures that are cooler than the normal for this time of year with the thermometer hanging around the low 20s. The second half of the week should be brighter than the first with a chance of snow on Mount Teide.

Weather in South Tenerife –  A sunny start to the week will cloud over during midweek with the chance of some rain from Wednesday onwards (5-55%). Although there’s a possibility of rain, the second half of the week should be sunny with cloudy spells. Temperatures should range from around 21 to 24C.

Weather in North Tenerife – It will be a mix of sun and cloud all week on the northern coast with midweek being particularly cloudy. Once again rain is on the cards with a 5-75% chance of the wet stuff falling from the skies between Wednesday and Sunday. Temperatures will be on the cool side for Tenerife ranging from 17C to 20C in the shade.

Weather in East Tenerife – Very similar to the north with a 5-70% chance of rain between Wednesday and Sunday and a mix of sun and cloud all week, although Tuesday should be mainly sunny. Temperatures will be less warm than usual for the capital, ranging from 19-21C.

Weather in South West Tenerife – The same as everywhere else with a mix of sun and cloud bookending the week and a cloudy middle. And like everywhere else, rain looks likely (5-65%) between Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures will start the week around the 24C mark before dipping midweek and rising again for the weekend to 25C.

Weather in the Mount Teide Crater – Anyone who wants guaranteed sunshine this week should head to the hills and Mount Teide National Park where the sun will be shining every day. Temperatures in the crater will range from 8C to 13C and on the summit it will vary between 5C and -2C. Although sunny days are forecast there’s a chance of snow on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights.

So far today webcams around Tenerife show quite a lot of cloud about with Santa Cruz looking sunny and some webcams in the south showing sun whilst others show a lot of cloud. However, events of a couple of weeks ago revealed that some of the southern webcams can’t always be trusted. The sun nis just starting to shine in Puerto de la Cruz.

Pic: Cool temperatures and rain mean it’s time for roasted chestnuts on Tenerife.

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