Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 28th June to 4th July

Trying to find an accurate weather forecast for Tenerife is virtually impossible – the weather is often different around various parts of the island.

However, the Spanish Met Office do break forecasts into separate municipalities and we’ll be bringing you their weekly forecast for the north, south, east and west…and then comparing them to what the weather was really like.

21st to 27th June

A big gold star to the Spanish Met Office who pretty much got their weather forecast last week almost spot on. The start of summer saw lots of sun across most parts of the island combined with some cloudy spells. It was lovely and warm everywhere.

Lets see how they do this week

28th June to 4th July

Weather in South Tenerife – Mostly sunshine with a few clouds all week (didn’t have to change that at all from last week).

Weather in North Tenerife – Cloudy with sunny spells every day until Sunday when it will be mostly sunny. There’s a 5 percent chance of rain on Saturday.

Weather in East Tenerife – Cloudy Mon, Tue, Wed Thur. Cloudy with sunny spells on Fri, Sat and Sunday. There’s a 25 percent chance of rain on Saturday

Weather in West Tenerife – Mostly sunshine with a few clouds all week.

Weather in the Mount Teide Crater – simply full sunshine all week. Great for walking, but don’t forget to cream up.

Looking at webcams around the island (Monday pm) and checking the weather outside, it looks as though the Met office have gotten off to a shaky start this week. There’s lots of blue skies, but some cloud in the south whilst here in the north it’s bright with quite a bit of cloud, but a lot of sunny spells.
The west, however, is cloudier than the forecast predicted and Santa Cruz in the east is sunny when it was supposed to be under dark clouds.

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