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We decided to change the title of this section from Tenerife View of the Week to Tenerife Scene of the Week because, well when you’re walking on Tenerife, there’s a lot more than just the views that catches the eye.

Take this photo of a caballero (horseman) urging his steeds to race around a threshing circle (era) in the hills in the west of Tenerife during Dia de la Trilla (threshing day) in El Tanque.

Despite being less than a thirty minute drive from the main resorts in the south west of Tenerife, there were very few visitors at the Dia de la Trilla. Most of the people there were local farmers demonstrating their skills with their steeds and oxen. I can imagine it might be quite intimidating for some visitors to come to an event like this. That seems ironic considering how many people mistakenly consider Tenerife to be an island where everyone speaks English and a place where local culture is something you only find in a yoghurt carton. But you can wander into any little fiesta on Tenerife and no-one will blink an eye. Chances are you’ll find the people much friendlier than in some places where an over exposure to the demands of dealing with some aspects of mass tourism (I’m being extremely diplomatic here) has wilted their natural amiability.

This guy was the head honcho and had taken over from a ‘trainee’ who nearly strangled the poor animals trying to get them to run around the era. I love the fact that the shot has captured his straw hat falling from his head as he ruins around the era with him.

Dia de la Trilla is held at the end of July each year on the site of the eco-museum in El Tanque

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