Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 23rd January to 29th January

The Weather in Tenerife 16th January to 22nd January
As we predicted last week, the weather on Tenerife did turn out to not quite match the forecast. A cloudy Monday in the north of Tenerife gave way to a week where there was a mix of sun and cloud. The temperatures dropped a few degrees from the previous week and whilst most of the week was around 21C, Sunday, although with sunny spells had times when it fell to 17C. However, the expected rain only amounted to a five minute drizzle on one day and quite a decent downpour at 4am Sunday morning.
The south of Tenerife where a sunny week was predicted turned out to be cloudy and on the cool side for much of the week with rain on Friday afternoon; not much fun for the animals being bathed at La Caleta

The Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 23rd January to 29th January
As we enter Tenerife’s coolest period of the year (from mid January to the end of February) It looks as though it might be a replay of last week with a mainly cloudy week broken by sunny spells across Tenerife and with the possibility of rain everywhere except on Teide where it might snow.

Weather in South Tenerife
– Looks like a similar week to last cloud mixed with sunny spells most days and a 5 to 15% chance of rain every day except Monday and Thursday. Temperatures should be around 21C in the shade.

Weather in North Tenerife
–  Much the same as the south except with slightly less cloud forecast. There should be be a mix of sun and cloud all week with a 5 to 35% chance of rain from Wednesday to Sunday. Temperatures should be around 17/18C in the shade.

Weather in East Tenerife
– Same story as everywhere else; a mix of sun and cloud with a 5% to 40% chance of rain from Tuesday onwards. Temperatures will be around 20C in the shade.

Weather in South West Tenerife
– Same story as just about everywhere else, a cloudy week with sunny spells and a 5 to 25% possibility of rain from Tuesday to Sunday. Temperatures should be about 22C in the shade.

Weather in the Mount Teide Crater
– If you want guaranteed sun this week head to Mount Teide where it’s set to be blues skies all week. Temperatures in the crater will vary from 5 to 7C in the crater and from -2 to -6 on the summit. Snow is forecast for Wednesday and Saturday night.

So far today webcams around Tenerife show the weather to be pretty much as predicted – a mix of cloud and sun. The north east and Santa Cruz looks to be the sunniest…apart from El Teide.

Pic: Soft January Sunset on Tenerife’s North Coast.

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