Walking Tenerife’s First Town & City Guide, Santa Cruz the Friendly City

At Walking Tenerife we love heading into the great outdoors; we can’t get enough of exploring dappled forests and plunging ravines. But we also get a thrill from hitting the urban beat. There are a few towns and a coupe of cities on Tenerife that deserve a thorough exploration. However, wandering aimlessly around urban centres in Tenerife’s hot climate can be a demoralising business if you don’t know where to go or what attractions to look out for. We know this from experience. Just as we discovered with walking routes and driving routes, good concise information isn’t always readily available.


Which is why we’re proud to announce the birth of Real Tenerife’s Town & City walking series starting with a guide to one of our favourite places on Tenerife, Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz City Highlights & City Centre Walking Routes

Having spent years exploring the city and seeing countless cruise passengers and day trippers from Tenerife’s southern and northern resorts wandering up streets and alleys that headed nowhere we decided to create a combined map and guide to help put an end to visitors’ urban misery.

We’ve worked out two detailed routes that cover the best of the city’s most picturesque and interesting corners (and there are loads) – keeping to pedestrianised areas where possible (much more relaxing than playing matador to the city’s cars). Along the way the guides include snippets of information about key points of interest as well as recommendations for lunch, snack and refreshment stops. We’ve also included an attractions guide so that users can pick and choose where they want to spend time and we’ve also got a shopping section for those who like to shop and walk.

In short we think Santa Cruz the Friendly City is damn good and especially perfect for any cruise liner passenger who’s got only a few hours to spend on Tenerife.

Why spend a fortune on excursions when our Town and City Guide will give you the key to the treasures of Tenerife’s wonderfully historic and cultural capital city.


Santa Cruz the Friendly City – City Highlights & City Centre Routes is part of our Real Tenerife Town & City guides and is available in PDF format for immediate download after purchase.

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