Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 19th to 25th August

Towards La Fortaleza Walking in Teide National Park, Tenerife

The Weather Forecast for 12th to 18th August
It was very hot and sunny everywhere on Tenerife, with the weather alert for high temperatures only being lifted from Sunday. The interesting thing about this heatwave was that it affected higher areas more than coastal ones. At the coast it was just blisteringly hot, whereas at height it was unbearable; in some places a 10 degree difference. La Laguna, normally one of Tenerife’s cooler locations, registered 39.5C.
As expected there were forest fires but, apart from one on La Gomera, these were dealt with quite quickly. Unfortunately there was at least one victim of the heatwave; a walker on La Palma. When there are weather alerts it is crazy to ignore them.

At the moment all activities in the hills are prohibited with walks being closed. There were some conflicting reports about whether the roads to Mount Teide were open or closed. The roads are open but walking in Teide National Park is off the agenda until the Cabildo (Tenerife Government) advise otherwise.

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 19th to 25th August
It looks like a much more bearable week with temperatures that are more skin friendly, although there will be a mini heatwave between Tuesday and Thursday in parts of the island. Mostly though it will just be ‘August’ hot. There will be a bit more cloud around than in recent weeks. Bizarrely rain has been forecast for Mount Teide according to one source. Vamos a ver as they say here.

Weather in South Tenerife –  Another hot and sunny week with a bit more cloud about than in recent weeks. The week starts with temperatures of around 24C before shooting up to 31C by Wednesday before gradually dropping back to 24C for the weekend when it will also be quite breezy.

Weather in North Tenerife –  The pattern is similar to the south with the week starting at 22C and rising to 29C by Thursday before easing off at 24C by Sunday. Like the south there will be a few more clouds about this week.

Weather in East Tenerife –  You know the pattern by now, the week starts at 25C, climbs to 28C on Tuesday and slowly drops 5 degrees as the week progresses. It could be quite cloudy over the weekend with a 5% chance of rain.

Weather in South West Tenerife
– More of the same, the week starts at 23C rising to 29C midweek and then dropping back to 23C. The only real difference is that there will be fewer clouds about.

Weather in the Mount Teide Crater – It seems hard to believe but the forecast says that there will be rain in Teide National Park on Tuesday, Wednesday night, Thursday and Friday. Temperatures in the crater will vary between 18C and 21C, whilst on the summit they will be between 7C and 10C.

So far today webcams around Tenerife show a lot of cloud across Tenerife with the sun just breaking through in some parts.

Pic: Out of bounds for the moment – walking in Teide National Park

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