Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 18th to 24th March

Chinamada, Tenerife

The Weather Forecast for 11th to 17th March
Again the forecasters were relatively close to the mark. The north of the island  especially enjoyed hot and sunny weather for most of the week. Walking in the Anaga Mountains, it felt more like summer and Tenerife’s north eastern corner looked at its stunning best. On the other hand, the south had more cloud than was expected and felt slightly cooler with occasional showers. The rain finally made it over the hills to the north on Sunday evening to dampen the dry ground… but not enough for a soaking.

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 18th to 24th March
It should be a mainly sunny week across all of Tenerife with only the slight chance of showers at the start of the week. However, winter doesn’t want to quite let go yet and Teide may finish the week with a fresh coating of snow.

Weather in South Tenerife –  The week will start with a mix of cloud, sun and a decent chance of rain (30%). After that it will be sunny for the rest of the week with only the outside chance of a light shower on a couple of days. Temperatures will be around 21/23C

Weather in North Tenerife – Although also a cloudy/sunny start to the week, there’s less chance of rain in the north today (5%). Thursday and Friday should see a mix of cloud sand sun but apart from that it should be a sunny week with temperatures of 18/21C in the shade.

Weather in East Tenerife –  The east gets the best of the sunshine this week with every day being mainly sunny, except for Friday when there will be some clouds about, There’s also very little chance of rain in the capital, Santa Cruz, this week. Temperatures will be around 18-21C.

Weather in South West Tenerife –  Exactly the same as the south but with a 35% chance of rain today and, with temperatures ranging from 22C to 25C, it will be slightly hotter.

Weather in the Mount Teide Crater – It should be sunny in the crater and on the summit of Mount Teide all week except for a cloudy Monday morning and Friday. It will also be a windy start to the week with high winds predicted for today and Tuesday so check that the cable car is running before heading up the mountain. The volcano isn’t finished with wearing its winter coat yet; Friday should see rain in the crater which may turn into snow on Mount Teide itself. Temperatures in the crater will vary between 6 and 12C, whilst on the summit they will be between 0C and -3C.

So far today webcams around Tenerife show quite a lot of cloud about everywhere but here in the north, the sun is starting to break through.

Pic: We know it was the Anaga Mountains last week and we were up there again during the last seven days. So here they are again.

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