Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 6th February to 12th February

The Weather in Tenerife 30th January to 5th February
Last week’s weather on Tenerife was a bit better than predicted with a lot more sun than had been forecast and a lot less rain. What actually fell at the coast amounted to not a lot and happened mainly during the night. The weather alert for predicted high winds turned out to be not really more than a strong breeze in the north. Reports from the south east coast suggested stronger winds there which would tie in with the direction the cool winds were coming from. There was a real distinction between being in the sun and being out of it last week. In sheltered spots in sunshine the temps were closer to 25c if not more – in windy shaded spots that could drop to a cool 17C.

The Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 6th February to 12th February

According to forecasts there could be a division between the north/east and the south/south west over the coming week with the bulk of the sunshine being in the south and south west. Temperatures will decrease everywhere but only by a degree or so. The decrease coincides with breezy weather suggesting that the breeze will be a cool one again. Yet again the outlook for rain is relatively low. Although there’s a possibility it’s not a certainty. The one thing that looks almost certain this week is that snow will fall on Mount Teide.

Weather in South Tenerife – It looks like there’s a sunny week ahead for the south of Tenerife with a mix of sun and cloud at the weekend when there will be a 20 to 35% chance of rain from Friday to Sunday. Once again it looks like it could be a breezy weekend. Although mainly sunny, temperatures will drop slightly averaging 20/21C throughout the week.

Weather in North Tenerife –  If the forecasters are right there might be a marked difference between the north and south in the coming week with a sunny start changing to mainly cloud with some sunny spells for the rest of the week and cool temperatures of 16C in the shade. There’s also a 10-45% chance of rain from Thursday to Sunday.

Weather in East Tenerife
– Same as the north except it will be mainly cloudy after today with a 5-50% possibility of rain from Thursday till the end of the week. Temperatures will be around 19C in the shade.

Weather in South West Tenerife – A similar story as the south; a mainly sunny week with a mix of sun and cloud from Wednesday afternoon onwards and a 5 to 40% possibility of rain between Thursday and Sunday. Temperatures should be about 22C in the shade.

Weather in the Mount Teide Crater
– A cloudy start to the week is forecast for the crater for Monday and after that it’s clear all the way. The summit of Mount Teide is a different story with snow forecast every day from Tuesday until Saturday. Temperatures in the crater will vary from 9 to 3Cand from -2 to -6C on the summit.

So far today webcams around Tenerife show a lot of sunshine across Tenerife with some very high cloud.

Pic: February is a time of year when the weather can be unpredictable – lively seas, wind, sunshine, rain and even snow can all occur on the same day.

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