Walkers are Brainy People, It’s Official

All of us walkers already knew this of course, but now it’s official. This week, the BBC reported the findings of a study carried out by Pittsburgh University that looked at brain activity in elderly people.


The study discovered that those who walked between six and nine miles a week experienced less brain shrinkage than those who didn’t and as a result were less likely to suffer from mental decline and dementia.

Dr Kirk Erickson who led the study concluded that regular exercise in mid-life could improve memory and thinking in later, whilst Susanne Sorensen, from the Alzheimer’s Society, believed the study was evidence that a healthy heart could lead to a healthy brain.
So there you go, walking on Tenerife isn’t just good exercise for the body, it’s good for the head as well.

Unfortunately, I’ve not had the opportunity to get out into Tenerife’s hills for a few weeks due to work commitments (obviously in many other ways that’s a big positive)…even as I type I can hear the creaking in my head as my brain shrinks.

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