The First Snow on Mount Teide

It looks as though we got the prediction we made on the home page of Real Tenerife right…just. Admittedly you have to look closely to confirm it is actually snow, but the inclement weather up high on Tenerife yesterday has definitely left a slight dusting of snow; the first of the season.

I’m not sure it’s going to have Canarios piling up there in their droves for a bit of snowman building, but it’s nice to see that Mount Teide has slipped on if not its winter coat, a light cardigan at least.

Incidentally, the big bird on the left is one of a pair of heron that hang around the banana plantation.

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  1. How cool! The clouds have been teasing me all morning. Usually I can see El Teide from my azotea, but even though there is less cloud today, it continues to hover over the peak, blocking my view!

  2. Well from Torviscas Alto we´ve has a good view of it most of the day…….and no sign of snow. Must be just on the northern side…..
    Maybe more tonight hopefully.

  3. It’s often the way with the snow. Sometimes it’s right down the side of the mountain this side and nada on the other.

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