Tenerife View of the Week, The Erjos Pools

There’s a spot on Tenerife where the south west meets the north west and two different micro climates collide. On one side are epic views over the almost perpetually sunny Valle de Santiago del Teide down to the south west coast. On another are some of the best views of Mount Teide and Pico Viejo on Tenerife, the two peaks rising above a volcanic and still partly fire-scorched terrain.


However, my favourite view from this particular spot is the vista to the north west and the neat little terraces beyond the Erjos Pools. There are a couple of reasons that this is my favourite; the first being that I love pools and rivers and there are no rivers and hardly any pools on Tenerife so it’s a novelty. The second is that, standing on a spur in the searing heat (at this time of year temperatures at around the 1000 metre mark can be hotter than at the coast), it’s fascinating to actually look at the distinct line where the drier ruddy south west slopes change to lush green north western ones.

Often there can be sun on one side of the spur and low cloud (bruma) on the other. But yesterday it was sun all round; what clouds there were skulked about at a much lower altitude and the pools sparkled in full sunshine.

It’s a sight which makes my heart soar as immediately after the major fires of a couple of years ago, the Erjos Pools completely dried up and I was worried that they would never return to being a water-filled haven for bird life.

But nature can be incredibly resilient and while there are still signs of the fire in the surrounding landscape, the pools now look as healthy as ever.

The Erjos Pools are featured in our ‘Into the Valley – Erjos to Arguayo’ walking route.

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