Tenerife Government Bans Fires on Tenerife Due to Hot Weather Warning

The Tenerife Cabildo has issued a ban on agricultural burning, bonfires and fires of any kind in the countryside from Thursday 8 July until the end of the hot weather alert for Tenerife.


No fires are allowed in recreation and zones (this includes BBQs); no burning of any weeds, farm leftovers or cut tree branches; bonfires of any kind will be not allowed.  Anything that could cause sparks which could provoke a wild fire in farmland or the woods is strictly prohibited such as weeding machines, soldering equipment and burners for bee hives.  This ban will remain in force until the weather cools down and the risk of forest fires is reduced.

The government has also advised that residents and visitors should use only tarmac roads and avoid forest tracks if possible.

Generally speaking common sense is the order of the day (as always) when venturing into Tenerife’s countryside.

If anyone spots any smoke or fires in the hills whilst walking or hiking on Tenerife over the period of the alert please call the emergency number 112.

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