Tenerife View of the Week – Mount Teide from the Lava Field


There’s not a great lot of scenery in this shot, but it is an unusual view on Tenerife.

You can get a shot of Mount Teide framed by emerald pines in any number of locations. What made this frame stand out was that the harsh black lava fields that are usually devoid of  colour or plant life were brought to life by splashes of delicate pinks and burnt orange from plants which had amazingly made their home in the desolate landscape. I hadn’t seen a display like this on any other lava field. This was taken in the west of Tenerife between Arenas Negras and Chinyero.

The other thing to note is that it’s just possible to see the last remaining snow on the mountain’s slopes. It’s June, temperatures on the coast are 30+ and yet there’s still snow on El Teide. Incredible.

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