Tenerife Scene of the Week, Walking at Dusk


First of all, the Tenerife scene of the week has been a bit…well…lacking of late. So apologies for that; we’ll be adding them on a far more regular basis in future.

This week we’ve decided to go for something a bit different. As the sun sets on Tenerife, the eye is invariably drawn to the light show in the sky out to sea. Sometimes though I like to look inland to where the hills are bathed in deep golden hues, becoming almost royal purple in the moment before darkness descends. At this moment the sky when completely clear can take on a wonderful lilac tint.

This week was supposed to be mixed weather across Tenerife, but in the north it has mostly been blue skies and hot and as an extra bonus, the air quality has been perfect as well, making vistas razor sharp.

When the weather’s like this it’s just perfect for walking on Tenerife at any time of the day, but lately, because of work keeping us indoors during the day, we’ve taken to walking in the early evening. Like very early morning it’s a wonderful time for walking, there’s more chance of seeing various birds that only appear at either end of the day.

But one sight in particular caught my eye was just as light was fading on the slopes of the valley above the old Carretera General, once the main link between La Orotava and Santa Cruz. The full moon had just risen and the sun had yet to fully depart and I thought the contrasting colours between el cielo and la tierra (heaven and earth) were a wonderful example of nature’s ability to constantly remind us who is the greatest artist of all.

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