Weather Update for Tenerife

It’s not been the greatest week for weather; although temperatures are pleasantly warm, there’s been a lot of cloud across much of the island and even some rain in the north. Okay for walking on Tenerife, but some of the normally stunning views won’t have been quite so stunning.

The weather patterns on Tenerife, like much of the world, have been behaving out of character this year, but only a bit.

Everyone was taken by surprise by the rain at the Corpus Christi flower carpets in La Orotava last week, and after sunshine in the north on Saturday and Sunday, the rain returned on Monday and Tuesday.

Rain in June is a rarity, but I have a theory about this year.

Normally there are three of four days quite heavy rain in May in the north of Tenerife as the winter, such as it is, hands over the baton to the summer in a teary outburst.

This year, that rain didn’t happen during May. There was hardly any. The rain during Corpus Christi and this week fits exactly what normally happens in May before the dry season sets in over all across Tenerife (don’t believe anyone who tells you it rains in the north all year – not on the coast anyway). I think it arrived late this year.

My prediction is that once this weather front passes, that’s it. The only umbrellas anyone will need from now until October are ones to keep the sun off their heads.

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  1. Ah. Found you! I knew I’d seen this site before, but for some insane reason I couldn’t find it last week when I was looking! I’ve bookmarked you this time! Twice over to make sure.

    I have a theory that the weather has kind of shifted by about a month, that is that winter starts about a month later than it used to (20+ years ago anyway) and thus summer also begins later. Is based on nothing other than my own observations, and I have no doubt that statistics will roundly disprove it, but I stick with it.

  2. Nice update on the weather, please keep us posted with any changes. Flying over to De la Cruz on the 27th till the 6th, so looking forward to it.

  3. Will do. We’re planning on adding a weekly Spanish Met office forecast for each week, then comparing it to what the weather is really like. Today the met office is predicting mostly sun with a bit of cloud…which is exactly what it is at the moment. So a gold star to them so far : )

    Unfortunately you’re going to just miss the San Juan fiesta…but your timing’s perfect for the start of the July fiestas – so should be some good things happening in the town.

  4. Hi islandmomma, how nice to see you over here – welcome!

    That’s interesting to know. We’re only in our 7th year on the island and already we’ve seen a small shift so I wouldn’t be surprised if your observations are correct.
    The difficulty with trying to check it our statistically is the huge variations in the island’s micro-climates which IMO make any kind of accurate forecasting or analysis virtually impossible. I’m a great believer in ‘gut instinct’ and if it feels like the seasons have shifted to you, then that’s good enough for me.

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