Great Tenerife Views, the Dreamy North Coast

I can easily recall the first time that I was captivated by the sun heading to bed and turning a view of the north coast which had already been stunning into one that was mystical and magical.

We’d just completed the Rambla del Castro walk (which incidentally forms part of our ‘Captivating Coastline’ routes) in Los Realejos and had plonked ourselves down on chairs outside the bar at the San Pedro mirador.

The route is possibly my favourite coastal walk on Tenerife and to finish at somewhere with such exquisite vistas as the San Pedro mirador was just the icing on the cake. However, we’d started the walk late in the day and as we gratefully sank our beer, the sun that was warming our faces slipped behind the layered volcanic fingers reaching out into the Atlantic and the world turned to gold.

It was a vision worthy of an appreciative gasp and it didn’t take an overactive imagination to fancy that mythical creatures could inhabit the hazy landscape in front of our eyes. It was certainly a sight that demanded another beer to accompany it.

From that day, if I’m in a suitable position at the right time I always pause to cast my eyes along this wonderful coastline. Sometimes the sky is filled with soft lilac hues, at others the sea looks as though an alchemist has turned it to silver.
Last week I was rewarded with this vision of the rich golden heavens and a petrol sea that I could follow all the way to Los Silos.

It is a sight I never tire of seeing.

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