Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 2nd to 8th July

Fishing Boats in Puerto de la Cruz Harbour, Tenerife

The Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 25th June to 1st July
It wasn’t a pleasant week on Tenerife, the heatwave came with a thick dust cloud that blotted out everything making conditions hot and hazy. Temperatures rose to the 40C mark on the south coast and in the hills during the week. As is usual the north wasn’t as badly affected by the calima with temperatures hitting a less sticky low 30C, although the dust cloud did make it across the mountains meaning all of Tenerife was left covered in a layer of dust by the time the calima moved away at the weekend. The best thing to do in these situations is nothing. Walking on Tenerife during calima isn’t only unpleasant it’s potentially dangerous.

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 2nd to 8th July
It looks like the weather will return to normal for the first week in July – i.e. mainly hot and sunny. There will be a bit of cloud in some areas at the weekend but the chances are the sun will be shining as well. Temperatures will be in the upper 20s in the shade. It should be a good week for doing whatever you like on Tenerife.

Weather in South Tenerife
–  It will be a sunny week in the south of Tenerife with only a few light clouds toward the weekend when it will also be quite breezy. Temperatures will be a sizzling 28C.

Weather in North Tenerife – A cloudy start to Monday should change to sunshine by midday. After that it will be sunny with a few clouds all week except for Friday which will be cloudy. Temperatures will be a perfect 25C.

Weather in East Tenerife – It will be sunny on the east coast until Thursday which will have a mix of cloud and sun. Friday will be cloudy and Saturday and Sunday will see cloud and sun. There’s a 5% possibility of rain on Thursday and Friday. Temperatures will be a hot 27C all week.

Weather in South West Tenerife – The south west mirrors the south with a sunny week that only sees a few clouds from Thursday onwards. Temperatures will be around 29C and like the south, the second half of the week will be quite breezy.

Weather in the Mount Teide Crater – It will be sunshine most of the week on Mount Teide in Teide National Park. Thursday is the odd day out as there will be a bit of cloud to spoil the vistas. Temperatures in the crater will vary from 17C to a hot 24C and from 8C to 9C on the summit.

So far today webcams around Tenerife show there’s still quite a bit of cloud about in parts but the sune is chasing them away. It actually rained in the north this morning. It didn’t last long and the sun is coming out now but it was a welcome rare summer treat for the earth.

Pic: As it’s the fishermen’s month, here’s some fishing boats for the first week in July.

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