Tenerife Scene of the Week a Snow Clad Mount Teide


With almost perfect timing for the start of December and to get Tenerife right into the Christmas spirit, the spectacular storm that hit Tenerife at the end of the weekend bringing wind, rain, thunder and lightning also left Mount Teide with a thick covering of snow.

I say almost perfect timing; the snow actually fell on Monday 29th November and whilst Teide’s snow covered peak was visible to some areas of the south on Tuesday morning, this glorious winter wonderland didn’t reveal itself to us in the north until the the sun rose today (Wednesday 1st December).

It is a sight for sore eyes…especially for those lying on Playa Jardín soaking up the sun along with the view.

There’ll be some stunning vistas to be had for walkers exploring routes that offer commanding views of our iconic mountain.

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  1. How beautiful does she look in her winter coat snowing like mad here in the uk at least there you can go to the beach and get some sun wish i was still there

  2. I always think that it’s something very special to be able to lie on the beach and look at that vista.

    Mind you last time I was on the beach was for an hour in August. This is something that needs to be rectified…and soon. I’m paler that what a lot of people in the UK have in their back garden at the moment.

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