Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 23rd to 29th August

The Weather in Tenerife 16th to 22nd August

Not a lot to say about the weather on Tenerife last week. The rain never materialised at the start of the week, the storm front missing us – although rain on three days was reported in the hills on the neighbouring island of La Gomera. On Tenerife it was typical August weather across most of the island – very hot and sunny. Serious sunburn conditions if plenty of sun cream hasn’t been applied.  AEMet (Spanish Meteorological Office) got the week more or less right, apart from the rain bit except for some strange reason they still keep getting the east quite wrong.
It’s a mystery why cloud has been predicted for many days in the east over the last few weeks. It often the sunniest part of the island and the capital Santa Cruz is often the hottest.
The only thing we can think of is that the forecast partly relates to the Anaga Mountains where cloud has been hugging the peaks and spilling over like steam from a boiling cauldron. But as the reading is taken at 5m that doesn’t really add up.

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 23rd to 29th August

Weather in South Tenerife –mostly sunshine all week (average temps 28C)

Weather in North Tenerife – Sunny with cloudy spells all week (average temps 27C).

Weather in East Tenerife – I don’t believe it for a second but AEMet forecast cloudy Mon-Wed with a 20% chance of rain today (Mon) and sunny with cloudy spells from Thurs to Sunday (average temps 30C).

Weather in South West Tenerife – mostly sunshine all week (average temps 27C)

Weather in the Mount Teide Crater – Sun, sun, sun all week with temps being around 24C in the crater dropping to 9C at the summit.

So far today it’s hot and sunny on the north coast with webcams showing sunshine over most of the rest of the island…including the east which is supposed to be cloudy.

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