Temporary Path Closures in Teide National Park

Those wishing to explore the magic of routes in Teide National Park will find themselves facing barred paths with the words Sendero Cortado emblazoned across them. For some reason known only to themselves, the park authorities have chosen to work on several paths simultaneously, sometimes closing entire paths simply to work on one small area. Where it’s safe and practical to do so, you may be able to still complete a route by detouring slightly off the path but for most, it’s a case of having to change plans and routes.


Path closures Teide National Park

We will post updates on here as and when paths re-open but for the moment, these are the paths that are currently closed:

Sendero 1 – Fortaleza. Closed at the beginning of the path, alongside the Visitor Centre at El Portillo which, incidentally, is also currently closed but there’s a temporary cabin in the car park which visitor centre staff are working from. Continue along the TF21 road towards the cable car for another kilometre to reach Sendero 24 which will take you to Sendero 1 beyond the closure. There’s car parking space at the start of Sendero 24.

Sendero 3 – Roques de Garcia. Closed at the start of the path at Mirador de Roleta alongside the car park and Roque Cinchado, all the way to the junction with Sendero 23 (the path from Pico Viejo). We walked this path clockwise, descending into the Ucanca Plain from the mirador and ending at the path closure. It was afternoon and no-one was working so we simply diverted off the path where necessary and completed our circuit. There were plenty of other people doing the same thing and it’s impossible to know if we would have been stopped had a ranger appeared.

Sendero 4 – Siete Cañadas. Closed from the junction with Sendero 31 behind the Parador, all the way to the junction with Sendero 30, opposite the Minas de San Jose. There are other options for getting to your chosen destination and the staff at either visitor centre (El Portillo and Parador) can advise your best route.

Sendero 5 – Degollada de Guajara. This entire path is closed so anyone wanting to walk to Alto de Guajara from the Parador can only do it by ascending and descending on Senderos 30 and the new extension to Sendero 15 (see my blog about this).

Sendero 16 – Sanatorio. This entire path is closed so anyone walking from the Parador to the cable car will have to use Sendero 19 instead.


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