Control of Mouflon and Rabbits in Teide National Park

Walking in Teide National Park, Tenerife

Anyone with plans of walking on Tenerife in Teide National Park should be aware that some routes will be closed on Wednesdays and Fridays over the next couple of weeks.

The reason for this is a cull of mouflon, a breed of wild sheep that was bizarrely introduced to Tenerife in the 1970s for big game hunting purposes. Thankfully, it never took off but the mouflon did… and prospered.

Each year there are culls to keep numbers down and one of those culls is currently taking place on Wednesday and Friday from now until 8 November. After those dates everything should be back to normal.

Well, nearly back to normal. It’s also rabbit hunting season – that conejo in your conejo salmorejo has to come from somewhere.

However, the rabbit cull in the Teide National Park finishes today (27 October) and doesn’t really affect walking in the park as hunting techniques don’t involve guns, only dogs and ferrets.

The hunting season outside of the park continues on Thursday and Sunday until the second Sunday in December so, if out and about in the countryside early morning on those days, don’t be too surprised if you meet a rag bag army in camouflage in the woods.

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