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Explore the old traditional agricultural trails of the southern highlands with our ‘The Old South‘ routes; the gentle beauty of the Santiago Valley with ‘Into the Valley‘; the rugged drama of the Anaga Mountains – ‘Stepping Back in Time‘; the captivating charm of the La Orotava Valley with our ‘Northern Exposure‘ walks; a truly out of this world experience with ‘Hiking Highs‘ in the stunning Mount Teide Crater; ‘Lost Worlds & Lava‘ which reveals fascinating corners in south west Tenerife & delve deep into the Masca Barranco with the latest in our walking series, ‘West World’.
With the 5 coastal walks in ’A Captivating Coastline’ added as part of our standard free offer, that’s 28 routes through Tenerife’s beautiful countryside waiting to be discovered.
Having an unforgettable holiday on Tenerife doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money.
Detailed routes for all 7 walking areas €9

Detailed walking routes – discover Tenerife on foot with Island Walks delivered to your email within 24 hours
If you enjoy reading about our walks and want to discover the beauty of Tenerife for yourself, you’ll find Island Walks invaluable.

Detailed instructions give you stage by stage directions with time and distance checks so that you can’t ever stray too far from the path. You’ll find invaluable advice on the type of terrain and weather conditions you’re likely to encounter on our walks; what flowers, birds and wildlife to look out for; where to finish with a refreshing beer or a nice meal and how to reach your starting point by car and by public transport – all beautifully illustrated with Jack’s photography. CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME EXAMPLE PAGES.

Tenerife Island Walks are in PDF format and will be sent to your email within 24 hours of purchase.  Because they are in PDF format, you can just print off a walk when you need it and don’t have to carry an entire book of walks every time you pack the rucksack. You don’t have to worry if they get wet or torn either, just throw it away and print off another next time you need it.

We will continue to add new routes covering the best walking on Tenerife and sharing interesting facts, photographs and snippets to give you a complete guide to the countryside and access to places which most visitors  never see.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for advice about which routes will suit you best depending on which resort you are staying in.

Anaga Mountains – Stepping Back in Time (circular routes)
Simply Stunning: Three of our favourite walks on Tenerife include dappled ancient forests, plunging barrancos, quaint hamlets, old merchant trails, a troglodyte community and incredible views of a landscape which looks much the same as it did when the original Guanche inhabitants of Tenerife walked these same paths and the post conquest settlers planted their first crops.
Routes Difficulty level 3 – a good thigh muscle workout but within the range of reasonably fit walkers.
Where: Anaga Mountains – North Tenerife; Distance: 11.2, 11.7 & 13.3 kilometres; Time: 3.5 hours & 4hrs 50 mins
Detailed walking routes €2

Santiago del Teide – Into the Valley – Erjos Pools, Santiago del Teide & Arguayo Lovely walks through a breathtaking landscape. Easily accessed from most of the main resorts and a hop, skip and a jump away from those in the Los Gigantes area, these routes traverse the wonderful Erjos Pools and the Valle de Santiago; a place whose natural beauty has defied the destructive forces of volcanic eruption and forest fires. The sweeping valley is home to small farming hamlets where crops are still picked by hand and has spectacular views of Mount Teide, La Gomera and La Palma.
Main Route Difficulty two routes are level 3 – a good work out, but within the range of reasonably fit hikers; one small route is a level 2.
Where: South West Tenerife; Distance: Valle de Arriba 14.3 kilometres; Pools & Pines 6 kilometres. Times: Route 1 is 3 hours 50mins; Route 2 is 2 hours 15 mins.
Detailed walking routes €2

La Orotava – Northern Exposure – Around La Caldera and Aguamansa (circular) The La Orotava Valley has charmed explorers and naturalists for centuries and any routes around the upper valley shows walkers exactly why. One route heads into the forest and up into the higher reaches of La Orotava for some incredible views of the valley and Mount Teide from enchanting forest paths. A second route takes you through the pine forest and rural farmlands while the third follows an old Guanche trail through the forest with amazing views over the north west coast.
Main Route Difficulty level 4- a good decent workout with some challenging sections near the start; route 2 is level 2 – no serious ascents or descents; route 3 is level 3 – a good thigh muscle workout, but within the range of reasonably fit walkers.
Where: North Tenerife; Distance: Route 1 is 11.8 kilometres; route 2 is 7.5km; route 3 is 15km Time: Route 1 is 4 hrs 20mins; route 2 is 2hrs 20mins; route 3 is 4hrs 45mins.
Detailed walking routes €2

Adeje, Arona & Abona – The Old South – Adeje Mountains, Barranco del Infierno, Los Cristianos and San Miguel. A wonderful opportunity to take a trip back in time and discover the character of the south of Tenerife before tourism dominated its coastline. In the hills above Playa de las Américas and Costa Adeje is a landscape dotted with hamlets and agricultural terraces which feels far removed from the modern resorts which are occasionally stunningly visible from ancient summits and old merchants’ trails.
Difficulty level 3 –  walks are all well within the range of reasonably fit walkers.
Where: South Tenerife; Distance: 6 routes ranging from 3 to 9 kilometres in length; Time: walks are all 3 hours or under.
Detailed walking routes €2


Teide National Park – Hiking Highs – Mount Teide Crater Walking in the Mount Teide crater is unlike walking anywhere else in the world. Spain’s highest mountain dominates, whilst weird and wonderful volcanic rock formations create an incredible landscape above the clouds that is a wonder to explore on foot. Follow in the footsteps of Greek mythological heroes (Clash of the Titans was filmed here) and leave the crowds in the tourist spots in the crater way behind.
Difficulty level:
3 routes are level 3 – Good thigh muscle workout with some strenuous ascents or descents but within the range of reasonably fit walkers; one route is level 4 – Invigorating and demanding with testing ascents or descents and some rough terrain, and the ultimate Tenerife walk, climbing Teide, is level 5 and only for fit & experienced walkers.
Teide National Park; Distance: Routes are 8-10 kilometres in length; Time: From 2 hours to 6/7 hours (Mount Teide)
Detailed walking routes €2

South West Tenerife – Lost Worlds and Lava – The Lost Village of Las Fuentes,  Chinyero and Güía de Isora  to Chirche. Uncover the ghosts of an agricultural past in the hills above Tenerife’s sunny south west coast. From abandoned terraces and disused kilns, through the cobbled streets of sleepy hamlets to a lost village where 150 people once lived, and the breathtaking beauty of the site of Tenerife’s last volcanic eruption – Chinyero. Three very different faces to the south west with views over the coast from Playa Paraíso to Playa de la Arena with the neighbouring island of La Gomera on the horizon.
Difficulty Levels 1 and 3 – ranging from virtually flat terrain to undulating valleys with a couple of short climbs to spectacular views. All well within the scope of any reasonably fit person.
Where: South West Tenerife; Distance: One route is 5.5 kilometres, the other two are 7 kilometres in length; Time: All routes are 2 to 2.5 hours.
Detailed walking routes €2


West Tenerife – West World – Masca, Teno Alto & Garachico.
From descending into the ancient and atmospheric Masca Barranco to experience one of Tenerife’s most popular and breathtaking walks to going off the hiking beaten track to explore some divine countryside in a peach of a valley West World is another enchanting series of Tenerife walking routes. Whilst Masca is simply a must, our Teno Alto route is one of our favourites and as a bonus you get the chance to buy some goat’s cheese that packs a flavour-filled punch.
Difficulty Levels 3 & 4 – although the walks aren’t particularly lengthy, the terrain involves quite steep ascents. With Masca the terrain can be quite challenging in parts.
Where: West Tenerife; Distance: Routes range from 5.5 to 10.5 kilometres ; Time: From 2 hours to 5.5 hours.
Detailed walking routes €2

A Captivating Coastline – FREE with any purchase Some parts of Tenerife’s coastline are simply breathtaking in their beauty and many coastal paths are accessible for most people. From hidden coves and lush palm groves to cobbled paths and grand old mansions; rock pools and cyan seas to dramatic cliff top paths, our ‘A Captivating Coastline’ guide includes our top five favourite coastal walks on Tenerife.
We will send you a complimentary copy of A Captivating Coastline with any purchase of Island Walks, Town & City Walks, Real Tenerife Island Drives or Single Driving Routes

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  1. We’ve not visited Tenerife before. Please could you recommend; should we hire a car; where we should stay and any long walks in that area?

    Thank you

  2. It’s a difficult question to answer without knowing your personal preferences. For example, the purpose built resorts couldn’t be more different from the historical towns or the cities. There are good walking routes near to most places but, generally speaking, the best walking is in northern and western areas. Have a look at our question and answers page which might give you an idea and then if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

  3. Hi,

    I have just bought one of your guides. When can I expect to receive it? I’m leaving to Tenerife in a couple of hours so I’d be grateful if I could get it ASAP.

    Best regards,


  4. I hope you got it on time Michal. The guide was sent before I saw this message.

    For anyone else who may see this comment, when you buy any of our guides there is an option of being able to add special instructions when you place the order.

  5. A friend has told me that the Los Organos path is closed and affected by more rock falls. Do you have any up to date info about this? Thanks! Ros

  6. Part of the Los Organos path was closed last year because of problems with the state of the path. A couple of friends walked it in November, after it was closed, and although it was still passable, they thought it was quite dangerous. We’d hoped that the authorities would have fixed the issue given the first Tenerife Walking Festival was this year (just finished) but the official information shows that part of it is still closed.

    We’ve added an alternative new route to our walks which gives walkers very similar views as the Organos one but isn’t as vertiginous.

  7. Hi Jack and Andrea
    I’m intending to escape the coast with a 2/3 day walk, probably finishing at Los Christians, (or Playa las Americas). My idea is to go up from Santiago di Tiede and come down via Viaflor. I cannot find any walks which traverse this route.
    I was intending to sleep out (bivouac) for one or two nights, if necessary. This would take the time pressure off, and the necessity for a car.
    I arrive on the 15/1/15.
    Can you recommend any of your walks which include or would cover this intended line? Also which map would be best?
    Many thanks and best wishes for 2016.

  8. Hi Ian,

    That’s an interesting route. Last year we actually looked at a similar route but going in the opposite direction from San Miguel de Abona above the south east coast to Santiago del Teide via Vilaflor and Teide National Park.
    We were putting together an itinerant walking holiday for UK walking holiday specialists Inntravel. In the end we decided against the link to Santiago del Teide as there was no natural link between the park and Santiago del Teide. There are trails everywhere, but as most used to be mainly trading routes or paths to move livestock between coast and sea they tended to go up and down or link communities so there was never any real need for a link between the Santiago side of the park and the crater. It’s a shame because it would be a very diverse route. You can get to the road through the park via Chinyero but there are no established paths from there linking that particular section with the routes to Vilaflor. For every other part there’s a choice of paths.

    Unfortunately I don’t think any of our routes would be much use as we tend to have circular routes where possible as most people who buy our routes get to the starting points by public transport or car.

    I’d recommend trying the Kompass map to piece together a route. It isn’t perfect (none of them are) but it’s not bad.

    Hope you manage to work it out and Happy New Year.

  9. Hi, could you tell me if the book ‘Walk this Way’ has the same walks in as the 7 Island Walks pdfs?

    Which resource would be more suitable for 2-4 hour walks in South and West of Island (we r staying at Alcala)?


  10. Hi Fiona,

    All the walks in the pdfs are in the guidebook, the book simply has more additional information about the island as well as a few walks not included in the PDFs. If you only want walks covering a specific area a couple of the PDFs would suit best. The closest to Alcala are the Into the Valley routes which are around Santiago del Teide which isn’t far inland from Alcala and includes a great walk which falls into the 2-4 hour category. Also the Lost Worlds and Lava routes are above the south west coast and all three routes are between 2-4 hours.

  11. I am very interested in buying Real Tenerife Island Walks & also possibly Real Tenerife Island Drives. I am living in South Tenerife this year but do not have a printer to print off the walks & drives.
    Can I buy the books from a bookshop here?
    I look forward to your reply.
    Rosemary Cocker

  12. Sorry for the slow response Rosemary, we’ve been in the field, so to speak, for most of the last week. Both Island Walks and Island Drives are only in PDF format. We did stock a book version of the drives in shops here for a while but were unhappy with the organisation of distribution.
    We do have other books in print form, including our walking guidebook Walk this Way Tenerife (a more comprehensive version of the Island Walks routes with additional routes and useful information) but these are only available from Amazon and other online bookstores.

  13. I am looking for walking guides for a beach to Tiede summit walk over a week in September 2016. Route starting at Masca valley. Hopefully avoiding road walking. I am an experienced altitude walker. The information available on line is not clear to me. I plan to use public transport / taxis to Los Gigantes hotel each day.

  14. It’s not an established route which is why you’re struggling to find clear information about it. Many of the best routes on the island have been around for centuries and existed for a purpose; however, the more personalised the route, the less information you’ll find. There are coast to Teide summit routes, but not from that starting point.
    We often piece together walking routes for various reasons and just about anything is possible (not without some road walking in the case of the route you want to follow) but these involve quite a bit of planning and testing to sew them seamlessly together.

    All I can advise is to get hold of a decent walking map and try to create the route you want on that first. Tenerife walking Maps aren’t perfect but they do tend to show where most paths exist.

    Having to return to Los Gigantes each day makes it significantly more complicated. The more rural the area the more infrequent the bus service so you’d probably need to come to an arrangement with a taxi firm in your resort.

  15. Hi

    Can you tell me if GPS tracks are available for download for the ‘Walk This Way’ guide?

    many thanks

  16. Hi Zinnia,

    There are some GPS coordinates for route starting points in the print guidebook, but that’s all. To be honest, although we use a Garmin to record routes we’ve not included them in the past because we believe it’s important the routes are more about descriptors and not reliant on GPS.

    But more and more people like GPS and in future we’ll be including more coordinates.

  17. Hi, we are coming to Costa Adeje on 15/10. We would like to do some walking, anything up to 7 miles. We walk at home in the Yorkshire Dales etc, but have our 14 year old with us who is not as keen as us, so will keep the walks shorter. We do not have a car. I was planning on venturing to the north of the island but now on looking at the bus routes it looks like the journeys will be long. Could you recommend which routes I purchase for download. Thank you

  18. We’ve just booked a week in January at Los Gigantes and would like to include some decent length walks from the resort. Will the Lost Worlds and Lava walking routes give us the info we need?

    Thanks, regards, Jonathan

  19. Hi Jonathan and apologies for the late reply, I’ve only just noticed your comment. If you’re hiring a car then the Lost Worlds and Lava routes are certainly easy enough to reach. They can also be reached by public bus (we include relevant bus routes) but it would be a lot more complicated. Easier whether driving or using public transport are the Into the Valley routes in and around Santiago del Teide which is about a 15/20 minute drive up the hill from Los Gigantes. There’s also a direct bus service linking Los Gigantes with the Santiago del Teide area.

  20. Hello, Jack

    Thanks for an interesting and informational site! I’m going with a friend to tenerife in the end of Feb- beginning of March. We’re interested in doing some walks. We’re more into interesting plants and flowers and charming paths than peek views and altitudes. At this time of year- could you recommend which of your routes would be suitable? We lean towards staying somewhere in the north around Puerto de la Cruz.

    Best regards from Karoline

  21. Hello Karoline,

    We tend to favour routes which are visually interesting in a number of ways because that’s what we like ourselves, so the northern ones especially include a variety of different plants and flowers. You might catch the end of the almond blossoming period in our Into the Valley routes around Santiago del Teide and possibly even the start of the spring wild flower season. Similarly our West World routes include some interesting fauna, especially the Teno Alto route. And walks in the upper Orotava Valley (Northern Exposure) are different again. Puerto de la Cruz is the ideal base for anyone who plans on walking, it’s where the annual Walking Festival is based.

    Hope this helps,


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