Guajara looms over Teide Parador
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Climbing The Walls to Montaña Guajara

February 24, 2015 Andy 1

Stepping out of the Teide Parador at 8.30am, our feet crunch on the frosty surface where the sun has not yet crept to warm the earth. Behind us, Mount Teide blazons in the afterglow of her crimson sunrise… […]

San Pablo Gourmet Food Market, La Laguna
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Views, Food and Miracles on a City Walk in La Laguna

January 21, 2015 Andy 0

Given that the Knights Templar were denounced by the Catholic Church in the 14th century, it’s a mystery as to why the tombs are in the floor of a 16th century Dominican church. And it’s not the only mystery La Laguna holds… […]

Hiking on El Hierro
El Hierro

El Hierro, Hiking At The Edge Of The World

June 5, 2014 Andy 0

Before Columbus stocked the Santa Maria with supplies from the neighbouring island of La Gomera and set sail on his atlas-changing voyage, the wild and remote Canary Island of El Hierro was the very edge of the Ancient World… […]

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Autumnal Walking on Tenerife

October 27, 2013 Andy 0

Autumn is the ideal time to take to Tenerife’s walking trails and experience the joy of perpetual spring for which the islands are famous. […]

Walking poles, Tenerife

The Pros and Cons of Using Walking Poles

August 8, 2013 Andy 2

If you’re planning a walking holiday to Tenerife or to any of the Canary Islands and are wondering whether walking poles are essential, here are a few of the things we’ve learned over the years to help you make an informed choice. […]

Canary bellflower
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Walking in the Teno Mountains

February 28, 2013 Andy 2

Emerging once again into the sunlight, we were stopped in our tracks by a carpet of blue tajinaste flowers, resonating in shades of lilac as the breeze rustled through the profusion of flowers. […]

Camino Real, San Juan de la Rambla to Las Aguas
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The Caminos Reales of Tenerife

January 19, 2013 Andy 0

Anyone who has discovered the best of Tenerife’s walking trails owes a great deal to the feet that, for centuries, trod paths across the island in their quest for survival. […]

walking Tenerife
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Walking on Tenerife Could Kick Start a Healthier You

January 9, 2013 Andy 0

If we don’t have time for walking when we’re at home, there’s no excuse when we’re on holiday, and Tenerife’s spring climate and extra hours of daylight provide the perfect opportunity to shed some pounds and get the healthy lifestyle ball rolling. […]

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Walking in the Picos de Europa in Asturias

April 29, 2011 Jack 1

Asturias boasts an exquisitely green countryside with an abundance of rivers and, in the Picos of Europe, snow topped mountains, glacial lakes and a ruggedly savage terrain where bears and wolves still roam… […]