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The First Snow on Mount Teide

November 26, 2010 Jack 5

It looks as though we got the prediction we made on the home page of Real Tenerife right…just. Admittedly you have to look closely to confirm it is actually snow, but the inclement weather up high on Tenerife yesterday has definitely left a slight dusting of snow; the first of the season. […]

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Severe Weather Warning For Tenerife

November 24, 2010 Jack 0

The rainy, windy weather forecast for the end of the week has become a bit more than that. A orange yellow alert has been issued for Thursday by the Spanish Met Office […]

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Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 6th September to 12th September

September 6, 2010 Jack 0

The Eastern Canary Islands were on a yellow alert for heavy rain today as a storm front passed on it’s way north, but that seems to have missed the islands and the normal ‘green’ has been resumed. However, it looks as though it’s the fringes of that weather front that is causing the cloud forecast for today. […]

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Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 16th to 22nd August

August 16, 2010 Jack 0

Las week has got to be one of the weirdest weeks for weather that you’ll find on Tenerife and proof that there are only two certainties in life.
We all know that rain at the coast on Tenerife just doesn’t happen in August on Tenerife…or do we? […]