San Pablo Gourmet Food Market, La Laguna
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Views, Food and Miracles on a City Walk in La Laguna

January 21, 2015 Andy 0

Given that the Knights Templar were denounced by the Catholic Church in the 14th century, it’s a mystery as to why the tombs are in the floor of a 16th century Dominican church. And it’s not the only mystery La Laguna holds… […]

Hiking on El Hierro
El Hierro

El Hierro, Hiking At The Edge Of The World

June 5, 2014 Andy 0

Before Columbus stocked the Santa Maria with supplies from the neighbouring island of La Gomera and set sail on his atlas-changing voyage, the wild and remote Canary Island of El Hierro was the very edge of the Ancient World… […]

Walking poles, Tenerife

The Pros and Cons of Using Walking Poles

August 8, 2013 Andy 2

If you’re planning a walking holiday to Tenerife or to any of the Canary Islands and are wondering whether walking poles are essential, here are a few of the things we’ve learned over the years to help you make an informed choice. […]

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Walking in the Picos de Europa in Asturias

April 29, 2011 Jack 1

Asturias boasts an exquisitely green countryside with an abundance of rivers and, in the Picos of Europe, snow topped mountains, glacial lakes and a ruggedly savage terrain where bears and wolves still roam… […]