1. Hi Dawn,
    Out of curiosity, which email address did you contact? I searched for your email address and couldn’t find anything. La Gomera and Gran Canaria are particularly good for walking from rural hotels straight onto trails. My first choice on La Gomera would be Vallehermoso and somewhere like the Tamahuche. On Gran Canaria Tejeda is a crossroads of walking paths. The Parador is perfectly placed. But there’s also Hotel Fonda de la Tea in the village itself.
    On Tenerife Casona del Patio in Santiago del Teide is a good base if you want to walk straight onto some good routes.
    Those would be my first choices but there are places on most of the islands where you could access walks from certain hotels. There are a couple of other things to consider. Public transport connections and also the level of walking you’re looking for. Some areas have routes to suit different levels, whereas in others it can be more challenging. Each of the islands has a different personality, so even what type of landscape you prefer (forests, lush valleys, volcanic etc.) is worth thinking about as well.

  2. That waiting till your in a middle of a big walking group before they set off annoys the hell out of me as well. Yours sounds ridiculous, no wonder you were gobsmacked. We’ve just walked the Samaria Gorge in Crete and managed to avoid groups apart from one where the guide was off like a hare and then waited for the whole group to catch up at every single resting area. We’d catch up, then she’d pass us again before waiting at the next rest area for the slowest walkers in the group. We’d pass the group again, she’d pass us again… and so on. Not only was it annoying, it meant they dominated every single picnic area until the slowest walkers mutinied and then we never saw them for the rest of the route.

  3. Hi! My wife, son and I are considering a trip to Tenerife in January. We love trekking from town to town, and wondered if there is a three day route that would take us through some of the beautiful parts of Tenerife to stay in decent accommodations without a lot of travel on paved roads. Your website describes a lot of amazing places, but it seems like there are too many choices, and I am not sure which publication to buy. We would appreciate any guidance you might be able to give us!

  4. Hi Kirk,

    Thanks for the comments and you’re right, there is a wonderful range of choices. There’s rural accommodation all across Tenerife, but because of the shape of the island and the population centres it’s not always the best walking between them. It is possible though. We created a package for a specialist walking company in the UK and it took a lot of time to piece together routes. Our own routes are mostly circular so that people don’t have to bother about the logistics of getting back to the start when they’ve completed the route. It would require a customised package for what you’re looking for and I’m afraid we just don’t have the time to offer that service. One option would be to base yourself in various rural hotels where there are routes from the door and explore the walking in each area. The Parador in Teide National Park is good for that, but quite expensive. From the Casona del Patio in Santiago del Teide you can access a variety of diverse walks. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. J

  5. Hi

    We are coming to Tenerife over December and looking forward to hiking in the Anaga mountains in the North. Can you tell me please where would be a good place to base ourselves for several day, one or two towns, that is outside the cities, but that has facilities like resteraunts and groceries etc please. Much obliged

  6. Hi there do you have any hotels that you can recommend minimum 3 star based near the north for walking and exploring from 8-15 December?

    Thank you

  7. There are loads of hotels Sharon, far too many to list. It depends where you want to base yourself. Whether you want coast or inland, a place with a good choice of restaurants etc or you prefer to go rural. And whether you want a base which is traditional, a mix of traditional and resort, or resort.

  8. The irony of Anaga is that although it’s a remote part of Tenerife, it’s also close to the most populated part of Tenerife, La Laguna and Santa Cruz. La Laguna is the most convenient base for accessing Anaga. However, it is a city. But its old quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site though. For quieter towns look at San Andrés or, better, around Bajamar/Punta de Hidalgo on the opposite coast. You can walk right into the Anagas from Punta de Hidalgo.

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