Usually when a business has a post office box for an address it’s because they’re a large conglomerate or because it means they’re untraceable. In our case, it’s because we don’t have a front door that’s accessible from the street so there’s nowhere for the postie to stick our mail.

So if you feel moved to drop us a line, here’s what you should put on the envelope:

Real Tenerife
Apartado 120
38400 Puerto de la Cruz
S/C de Tenerife
Islas Canarias

If you have questions that aren’t covered on our FAQ page, you can email Jack or Andy and we’ll do our best to come up with the answer.


  1. Hi Dawn,
    Out of curiosity, which email address did you contact? I searched for your email address and couldn’t find anything. La Gomera and Gran Canaria are particularly good for walking from rural hotels straight onto trails. My first choice on La Gomera would be Vallehermoso and somewhere like the Tamahuche. On Gran Canaria Tejeda is a crossroads of walking paths. The Parador is perfectly placed. But there’s also Hotel Fonda de la Tea in the village itself.
    On Tenerife Casona del Patio in Santiago del Teide is a good base if you want to walk straight onto some good routes.
    Those would be my first choices but there are places on most of the islands where you could access walks from certain hotels. There are a couple of other things to consider. Public transport connections and also the level of walking you’re looking for. Some areas have routes to suit different levels, whereas in others it can be more challenging. Each of the islands has a different personality, so even what type of landscape you prefer (forests, lush valleys, volcanic etc.) is worth thinking about as well.

  2. That waiting till your in a middle of a big walking group before they set off annoys the hell out of me as well. Yours sounds ridiculous, no wonder you were gobsmacked. We’ve just walked the Samaria Gorge in Crete and managed to avoid groups apart from one where the guide was off like a hare and then waited for the whole group to catch up at every single resting area. We’d catch up, then she’d pass us again before waiting at the next rest area for the slowest walkers in the group. We’d pass the group again, she’d pass us again… and so on. Not only was it annoying, it meant they dominated every single picnic area until the slowest walkers mutinied and then we never saw them for the rest of the route.

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