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Masca Barranco isn’t the only ravine walk on Tenerife

November 3, 2019 Jack 0

News that ‘improvements’ to the Masca Barranco walking route are taking (much, much) longer than anticipated and the path is unlikely to be open before summer 2020 means that the route is out of bounds for yet another Tenerife walking season. […]

Featured Walks

Tenerife Walking Festival 2019

May 1, 2019 Jack 0

We recently received emails from both a PR company in the UK and also the Tenerife Tourist Board with information about the upcoming Tenerife Walking Festival which runs from 21 to 25 May. […]


Temporary Path Closures in Teide National Park

April 11, 2017 Andy 0

Those wishing to explore the magic of routes in Teide National Park will find themselves facing barred paths with the words Sendero Cortado emblazoned across them. For some reason known only to themselves, the park […]

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Weather Alert for Tenerife

February 3, 2012 Jack 0

A yellow weather alert for winds of up to 70kph in the east, south, west and in areas of high ground has been issued by the Spanish Meteorological Office […]

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Severe Weather Warning For Tenerife

November 24, 2010 Jack 0

The rainy, windy weather forecast for the end of the week has become a bit more than that. A orange yellow alert has been issued for Thursday by the Spanish Met Office […]