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The First Snow on Mount Teide

November 26, 2010 Jack 5

It looks as though we got the prediction we made on the home page of Real Tenerife right…just. Admittedly you have to look closely to confirm it is actually snow, but the inclement weather up high on Tenerife yesterday has definitely left a slight dusting of snow; the first of the season. […]

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Severe Weather Warning For Tenerife

November 24, 2010 Jack 0

The rainy, windy weather forecast for the end of the week has become a bit more than that. A orange yellow alert has been issued for Thursday by the Spanish Met Office […]

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European Ramblers Association Visit Tenerife

November 22, 2010 Jack 3

Last week members of ERA (European Ramblers Association) arrived on Tenerife to be shown some of the wonderful walking opportunities the island has to offer. The government took the opportunity to promote the new long distance GR 131… […]

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Tenerife Scene of the Week Fiery Sunsets

November 21, 2010 Jack 2

This has been a warmer than average November so far; there has also been far less rainfall on the north coast than usual. In fact since June there have only been a handful of days when we’ve seen rain… […]

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Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 15th to 21st November

November 15, 2010 Jack 1

Much the same forecast as last week with sun and occasional rain showers forecast for all parts on most days. The big news is that the first snowfall on Mount Teide has been forecast for this morning so if the clouds part this afternoon we’ll try to get a shot of the first Tenerife snow of the season… […]


Autumnal Walking on Tenerife

November 12, 2010 Andy 1

When you live on the island of eternal spring it can sometimes be tricky to spot when the seasons change but anyone visiting Tenerife at the moment will spot a couple of things that are a dead give-away that autumn is upon us[…] […]

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Tenerife Walking with Children

November 3, 2010 Andy 1

It’s one of the great things about walking on Tenerife that you can still find so much ‘ undeveloped space filled with surprises that make it the perfect environment for family outings. […]