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Tenerife Scene of the Week, Walking at Dusk

October 23, 2010 Jack 0

As the sun sets on Tenerife, the eye is invariably drawn to the light show in the sky out to sea. Sometimes I like to look inland though, to where the hills are bathed in deep golden hues, becoming almost royal purple in the moment before darkness descends […]

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Walkers are Brainy People, It’s Official

October 16, 2010 Jack 0

All of us walkers already knew this of course, but now it’s official. This week, the BBC reported the findings of a study carried out by Pittsburgh University that looked at brain activity in elderly people… […]

North Tenerife

Rural Bars & Restaurants on Tenerife, Bar Fleytas

October 8, 2010 Jack 1

More often than not there’s an inviting bar or restaurant where we can spend a bit of after the exertions of exploring Tenerife’s fab countryside just chatting and reliving the highlights of whatever walk that we’ve completed… […]

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Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 4th to 10th October

October 4, 2010 Jack 0

Rain has come to Tenerife quite early this year – sometimes it can be the end of October before there’s more than a light drizzle. But even still forecasters are predicting a warmer and drier period than normal on Tenerife from October to December. […]