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Hot Weather Warning for Tenerife 29 to 30 July

July 29, 2010 Jack 2

These hot weather warnings have become a regular feature of summer in Tenerife so far. AEMet, the Spanish Meteorological Office have issued yet another ‘Yellow’ alert for high temperatures across much of Tenerife from 11am […]

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Walking and Hiking on Tenerife, Some Little Quirks

July 20, 2010 Jack 0

Walking in Tenerife is an absolute joy. As long as you keep away from privately owned land, you can walk almost anywhere without being shouted at. But you have to be wise to some of the ‘guidance’ that you can encounter on routes. […]

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Hikers Rescued From the Masca Ravine

July 20, 2010 Jack 1

You’d think that walking down a ravine towards the sea would be straightforward, right? Wrong as two visitors to Tenerife found out last week when they strayed from the path in the Masca Barranco and found themselves hopelessly lost. […]