North Tenerife

Walking on Tenerife, Exploring the Secret North Coast

June 23, 2010 Jack 5

Tenerife’s coast which stretches north from Puerto de la Cruz can be a coy mistress who keeps her treasures and pleasures hidden from all but the most inquisitive suitors. A road without a signpost leads down to the tiny fishing hamlet of El Caletón[…] […]

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Recent News

Weather Forecast for Tenerife from 21 to 27th June

June 21, 2010 Jack 4

Trying to find an accurate weather forecast for Tenerife is virtually impossible – the weather is often different around different parts of Tenerife. However the Spanish Met Office do break forecasts into separate municipalities and we’ll be bringing you their weekly forecast […] […]

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Recent News

Weather Update for Tenerife

June 17, 2010 Jack 6

It’s not been the greatest week for weather; although temperatures are pleasantly warm, there’s been a lot of cloud across much of the island and even some rain in the north. Okay for walking on […]

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Recent News

La Orotava Flower Carpets a Wash-Out

June 10, 2010 Andy 1

A big round of applause should go to the alfombristas (carpet makers) of La Orotava who, despite constant rain today, still turned out to complete carpet designs around the town and keep the tradition alive. […]

West Tenerife

Tenerife Walking Mysteries, Figure This One Out

June 10, 2010 Jack 3

Two notices on either side of the path, but with two different messages. The one on the left advises ‘entra usted en un espacio natural protegido’ which translates as ‘you are entering a protected natural area’. […]

Flora & Fauna

Walks in West Tenerife, Chinyero Volcano

June 10, 2010 Andy 2

Unless you’ve been participating in a full sensory blackout programme for the past 2 months or so, you can’t fail to have noticed that things which have lain dormant for a very long time have suddenly become active again, causing consternation and disruption[…] […]